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Punctuation Fact

Punctuation first began to be added to texts because of declining standards of literacy. Readers had become less able to indicate their own punctuation.

Celebrate proper punctuation
with these unique products

New designs available for
• T-shirts
• Latte mugs
• Greeting cards
• Punctuation posters (for teachers and parents)

Comma Ellipsis Apostrophe Semicolon
Twelve apostrophes

See below for the
designs available
for the product
you want.


Our prices INCLUDE shipping in the United States —
to Canada or Mexico $9/item ($18 for Punctuation in a Box);
to other countries $20/item ($40 for Punctuation in a Box).
And — we’ll ship your order the day we receive it!

We accept Card logos
If you prefer paying by check, send it to:
Jeff Rubin
1517 Buckeye Court
Pinole, CA 94564
Please include item(s) and slogan(s), and size(s) if ordering T-shirts.


These shirts are screen-printed on 99% pre-shrunk, heavyweight cotton fabric. The colors are vivid! All shirts are available in light ash (gray), in S,M,L,XL, and 2XL. Shirts are $25 each (includes shipping). Click on a shirt to see a larger image.

Semicolon T-shirt
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Ellipsis T-shirt
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Apostrophe T-shirt
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Twelve apostrophes T-shirt
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Hyphen T-shirt
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These cards — ideal as holiday gifts or for your own use — are printed on 14-point Kromekote stock. It’s a high-gloss, heavyweight paper and the colors just pop off the card! Card size is 4.25 x 6 inches (A6). Blank inside. Available individually at $1.50 per card or in a box of 10 of the same cards or a set of 10 mixed cards for $12.95. Price includes shipping. If ordering a mixed set, tell us in the shopping cart comments field how many of each card to include (total should add up to 10). Includes envelopes.

Comma cards
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Ellipsis cards
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Apostrophe cards
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Twelve apostrophes cards
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Semicolon cards
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Mixed set
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This is a heavyweight ceramic mug that holds 16 ounces of your favorite brew. It’s bright white, with the apostrophe imprint in bright red. This slogan has been our most popular T-shirt design and the apostrophe has been the most-mentioned punctuation mark when people send us e-mails detailing their pet punctuation peeves. Now this mug can sit on your desk at work or your kitchen table at home, where it will let everyone know it belongs to an apostrophe aficionado! Mugs are $24.95 (includes over $10 shipping per mug — they're heavy mugs!).

Apostrophe mug
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These posters will help teachers in elementary schools teach the 13 most important punctuation marks. These color posters are 12 inches by 19 inches and are printed on heavy, coated poster paper (not the kind you can easily tear). They are ideal for placing on classroom walls for easy reference, or on a child’s bedroom walls to reinforce their important lessons. Each punctuation mark is defined, with examples of proper usage. Set of 4 posters is $25 (includes shipping). Click on a poster to see a larger image.

Poster page 1 Poster page 2 Poster page 3 Poster page 4
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Punctuation in a BoxWhy not buy three National Punctuation Day items and save a few dollars? Select a
T-shirt, latte mug, and boxed set of 10 greeting cards — all for $55. That’s a savings of nearly $8 over the individual purchase price — and the shipping is included!

Or, include the set of four posters with the above for $79 and save nearly $9 if you buy the other three items, too. Shipping is included. (You can add the posters when you get to the shopping cart.)

But wait — there’s more! Buy Punctuation in a Box and we’ll include several goodies for free. We've got bumper stickers, bookmarks, stress relievers, and pens.

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(If you order Punctuation in a Box, please be sure to tell us, in the comments section of the shopping cart, the size and slogan of the
T-shirt and the slogan(s) for the box of cards.)

Contact Jeff Rubin for more information about punctuation
(510) 724-9507